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Lookup tables

Are the LANDFIRE or Fuel Model Look-up tables referenced in the Edit Rule Technical Documentation available outside of IFTDSS?  Since at this time there isn't an option to export the edited landscape or fire behavior outputs from IFTDSS I'd like to try to recreate the default fuels treatment or disturbance edit rules in another program for further analysis of the results.

Hi Barry, 

  I believe that due to the many possible combinations an actual table as described is not available, the extent of the documentation for the look-up tables currently is documentation page you mention (

Others in the group may want to chime in here though, especially since you bring up exporting capability. That feature has come up in developer discussions lately though I'm not sure of its status.

Hi Barry, 

That is a great question.  More information about how the LANDFIFRE disturbance editing occurs can be found on their site (  However, that still does not get you to be tables you are looking for and Josh is correct in that there are numerous tables due to combination possibilities and the order in which landcape edit rules are applied can further complicate things by accessing another series of simplified tables.  I would recommend that utilize the Develop Treatment Alternatives Workflow and create a landscape comparison report to dig into what you are seeking.  you will get both a downloadable pdf and ability to compare the lcp files on the map.  You can also use the identify tool on the map at the pixel level to drill down and see both your unedited and edited landscape.  It will take some extra work on your part but I think will get you in the direction you are headed.  We are also working on a landscape editing tutorial which would help walk you through the process I describe above if you have not yet worked much with the application.  I hope this is helpful.

Thanks! I had already made one of those while playing around, but hadn't got around to looking at it closely enough.  Helps a lot.

Hey Barry

Also know that the ability to download the Landscape files from IFTDSS is on our list of additional functionality. Many other users have expressed that this is an important feature to have. So we have added this to our work plan to work on over the next couple months, we hope to have this available by early spring. We will keep posting here to update as we get closer. 

Cheers and thanks for posting



Hi Barry,  

     I know you asked this a couple months ago.  But wanted to let you know with the recent release you can now download your landscape files (and fire behavior outputs).  Something to keep in mind for future projects.



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