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Monitoring for fires with no interactions

What do we do about fires that have no fuel treatment interactions? We have lots of one tree fires in the wilderness that do not interact with fuel treatments.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for your question.  Per FTEM currently policy, only fires that have interactions with fuels treatments require monitoring.  If the fire shows up in gray color on your wildfire list, then there has been no auto-detection of a fuels treatment interacting with that fire and you can ignore it unless you have local knowledge of a fuels treatment that is not in the current system.  Only Wildfires showing up in Red color require evaluation and potential monitoring.  For Wilderness Fires, if your agency categorized a larger Wildland Fire as a treatment in NFPORS, then it would show up as red and require monitoring.  We do not currently have a link to specific NPS policy but the NPS contact person for FTEM is listed on the FTEM landing page.  

Hopefully this is helpful.

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