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FTEM - Documenting suppression benefits of treatments that did not burn

I am in the process of monitoring a treatment in FTEM that did not burn but was used for safe access/egress near the origin of the fire. Zero acres of the treatment burned, but in the required question portion of the form Question 3 (Did the fire behavior change as a result of the treatment (as planned in treatment objectives?) still requires me to enter a yes/no answer.


My dilemma is that the fire did not burn in the treatment, so of course the answer is ‘No’, but that answer implies the treatment did not meet objectives. Safe access/egress is a benefit of the treatment and in this case that objective was met as a secondary benefit of the original treatment. Tying the ‘planned treatment objective’ to observed fire behavior alone seems a little narrow in terms of overall suppression operations.


Is there a way to decouple question three as a required field if the earlier question of acres burned in the treatment is entered as zero? Or is there another way to document that a treatment that had no fire in it still demonstrated a benefit to fire suppression activities?

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This is a good question. We have a policy guidance page in the Help Center, but that scenario isn't specifically addressed. It could be a case where using the 'comments' field and attaching supporting information comes into play but this really doesn't get at the root of your question.

The quickest route to get a correct answer to this one will be a direct email to your FTEM Agency Administrator. I'll paste a link to the contact information page below:

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