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Using IFTDSS for burn plans and RX inputs

I’ve been working with IFTDSS on a burn plan and really trying to figure out how I can use if for the modeling portion of a burn plan.  The fuels reports and fire behavior reports are very helpful.  Now, I’m attempting to create some ranges for the inputs based on the inputs and the one thing I can’t find is temperature.  With the dry bulb and the 1 hour fuel moistures I should be able to come up with RH.  I’m assuming flammap uses an assumption for this?  I’m thinking it is a 97th percentile dry bulb?  What I’m trying to do is reverse engineer like we do in Behave and create these range of inputs. Knowing your busy I’m just looking for the quick answer if there is one for now. I’ve used the tutorials and videos and have not found the answer.



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Hey Paul

Glad you are giving IFTDSS a shot.. we don't have things set up right now to do a straight forward prescription in the traditional sense. ranges of temperature, ranges of RH etc. As it relates to the fire behavior modeling part  - getting rates of spread, flame lengths etc.. those parameters are actually not part of the spread equation which is why they aren't required inputs to BEHAVE or FLAMMAP.  (you can see this in BEHAVE when you pick a fuel model and the only required inputs are colored white - the non-required are colored blue and there is not option for RH and Temp). 

Now air temp is required for probability of ignition. (which we currently don't have built into IFTDSS - but it is on the list for the future).  

So I think the short answer is you will still have to use some aspects of BEHAVE when writing a traditional prescription. We have on our list to build in the old school RX Windows which does what you are talking about - the reverse engineering thing, where you specify flame lengths, ROS etc and then RX Windows gives you what the weather parameters would be.. 

Thanks for the questions -  we are always looking for feedback and input on the system so fire away.. I wish we could build stuff faster...



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