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Using IFTDSS Landscape Download in FlamMap?

Is there the capability of downloading an lcp from IFTDSS to be used in, for example, flammap? I know it was getting looked at a while back.   If not, do you have a recommendation on converting downloaded TIF files to ASC?  I have a lot of time invested in building my landscapes in IFTDSS and don't want to have to start over...  Many thanks, GD

Hi Gabe,
Currently tif is the only download capability in IFTDSS, but this link may help, it outlines opening IFTDSS tif files in Flammap version 5:

That link isn't working.  Why lyr or tiff files?   Give me a simple *.lcp please.

Here is a current version of that link: 

Someone else on the team may be able to speak to why the tiff format is offered instead of .lcp.

Regarding the GeoTiff vs. LCP question-

GeoTiffs are used in IFTDSS downloads because they are the preferred method now as GiS etc. are advancing and all the models that used an LCP can also use a GeoTiff. For example LCPs cannot be opened in ArcMap but GeoTiffs can.

Thanks, I'll try using GeoTiff in FlamMap.

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