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FTEM for vehicle fires etc

We had a vehicle rollover that became fully engulfed. It landed in a recent treatment ( 3 months prior. The incident was not classified as a wildfire, but a vehicle accident. The treatment prevented the incident from becoming a wildfire, and allowed responding rangers to focus on the patients involved.

Is there a way to enter incidents not in IRWIN or GEOMAC, such as this, into the FTEM?

Thank you

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Hi Andrew,

 Thanks for the question about this. Because FTEM relies on those other systems of record to populate the wildfire information, the fire would have to be reported through one of them first. 

The best place to start would be a discussion with your agency FTEM Lead about the possibility of getting the fire into IRWIN or GeoMAC, from there it would get pulled into FTEM and be reportable.


IFTDSS Support Team

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