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Welcome to the Ideas Exchange

This forum can be used to share thoughts and ideas on how we can make IFTDSS better. As you know, we are always working to make IFTDSS the best fuels and fire planning application and in order to pull that off we need your help! IFTDSS is being built in an agile environment that allows us to respond to change requests from our users quickly and efficiently. The challenge is that we don't often know how to change unless users like yourself tell us what you want/need. Please use this forum to reach out to the development team and let us know what you would like to see in future releases of the IFTDSS web application. Also feel free to "vote" (by clicking the "Do you link this idea" link at the bottom of the post) for other posts as a way to show your support.

Please Note

Currently if you would like to post to the forum you will need to create an account for the IFTDSS Support System (this site). This account will be different from your IFTDSS account and currently there is no way to link the two. We are working on a solution that will enable you to log into the Support System with the same account as IFTDSS however, that will not be in place by our initial launch. Feel free to simply log in using your Google account if you have one or use one of the other OAuth based account authentications to save you some time.

*You (obviously) do not need a login to view forum topics on this page so if you simply came to search for a solution you are free to peruse the topics at your leisure!

Happy IFTDSSing and thank you for being an IFTDSS User!

~ The IFTDSS Support Team