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Weather and Fire Danger

Weather (RAWS) data and NFDRS are often components of my fire/fuels specialist reports for projects. Will there be ways to create ERC graphs, obtain 90/97 percentile weather data, etc in IFTDSS in the future? Or will we have to use FF+?

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Great question Stacy. The short answer for the short term is yes, for now you will have to use FF+. 

However, but there are a few common operations that people perform regularly in FF+ that could potentially be possible in IFTDSS. The few you mention definitely fall into that category. We certainly don't want to rebuild FF+ within IFTDSS as it is a very powerful program on its own. We are however already pulling some RAWS data to create the "Auto97th" report for fire behavior. There is work being done on building a gridded weather system which will assist with the problem of RAWS stations not being maintained. So I think your idea is very possible... keep checking back here and we'll update as we gain more information on how we could implement something like this in the future. 

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