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Adding an error message when FBFM attempts to be edited twice in a single rule set

 I want to highlight an idea here that other folks are submitting as feedback, because this seems like a good place for it too:

When you are in the Landscape Editor, and you enter rules that would change the FBFM more that once, it would be great to have an 'ERROR' message pop-up to let you know that the FBFM will only be edited once per editing session, and that the proposed subsequent changes will not be implemented, and a brief explanation why.

Currently there is no warning that comes up, so if you are unaware of how these rules are implemented, it will appear as though a certain series of disturbances will be carried out on the landscape, but in reality only the first of those will be implemented.

A warning to make this clear would save a lot of potential confusion. We have it help, and are making it more clear in the right hand panel, but these places can still be overlooked and this is a key bit of info.

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