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Fuel model legend for Landscape summary

Is there a way that i can add a fuel model legend into a Landscape summary i'm building? I've trolled through the various options, and have not found anything to help easily explain the information expressed in the map


Hi Kevin,

The Landscape Summary task in the Landscape Evaluation stage of the planning cycle is currently set up to produce a zoomed out view of the landscape with a FBFM legend. Currently, that is the best option for exporting a screenshot of the landscape with a legend. 

The Layer List button in Map Studio will display a legend of the FBFMs too, but its mainly designed for working within MapStudio (though you could open Layer List and use 'print screen' in your browser to print whichever section of the map your viewing along with that opened List).

Let me know if this answered your question, or if there is a specific need I omitted.  

The development team is currently working on the exporting and printing options for IFTDSS, so I'll post this question on the 'Ideas Exchange' forum so they can see it. If they have any additional responses to it, you'll see it posted as a follow-up response there.

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