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Edit rules disappear after you save your new landscape in DTA

It'd be useful if after you create and edit a new landscape in DTA if the edit rules didn't disappear. I get that you can click on the notebook looking icon to the right of the landscape box, but that icon doesn't work right after you hit "save new landscape". It worked after I went into My Workspace to find the rules, then got back into DTA. A few times I've forgotten to hit "Add to Rules" after creating an edit rule, and have gone straight to "save new landscape". So now I'm ultra watchful that my edit rules are applied, I want to see them in the top "Edit Landscape Box" all the time, rather than have to go hunt them down from My Workspace, or clicking the notebook icon. Thanks!

Thanks for submitting this Annie

You make a great point about the workflow within the DTA - Develop Treatment Alternatives - perhaps there is a way we can adjust the user interface to the user gets reminded to "Apply Edit Rules" before clicking on "save new Landscape". we will talk the developers about this suggestion



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Thanks Kim. I actually don't think you can hit "save new landscape" if you haven't "Applied Edit Rules", so that was my mistake. It'd still be really helpful if the rules didn't disappear, just to keep track of things and not have to hunt anything down. Thanks!

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