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Hover text for check boxes in Compare Alts Tab


I'm working in Develop Treatment Alternatives, in the Compare Alternatives Tab. I noticed in the Right Hand Panel information that it's really important how I order my landscapes when comparing them. However, I constantly want to order them backwards, starting with a "1" for the landscape I'm comparing against because it's usually on top. Perhaps hover text could appear when you hover over the check-boxes, reminding you to order them so that the landscape you're comparing against is checked 2nd and marked with a 2. Not a priority, but may be a helpful reminder each time. Thanks!


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thanks for posting Annie - we agree that the numbering of the landscapes when comparing is a bit confusing and the order you check them in really matters. So yes, I think we can add some hover text and maybe enhance and emphasize the instructions in the Right Hand Panel Help to better let users know why its important to select landscapes in the order you want to compare. 

Great Suggestion!! Please keep them coming




We now have pop-up text for each tab of the DTA process, indicated with a blue question mark icon.