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file management - too many files

As you start working in IFTDSS, the number of landscapes and other file types you accumulate increases rapidly.  It would be great if you could somehow set/filter your IFTDSS session so that you only see the files relevant to the project you are currently working on.  

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Thanks Lauren, I have noticed this too, especially within the Modeling Playground list, and landscape dropdowns during editing sessions. The Map Studio will often allow filters by extent, and Workspace has the folders, but the rest of the areas main filtering mechanism seems to be landscape name only. Do you have a specific criteria that would be good filtering criteria for relevant files? 

I think if there was a way to establish and then filter landscapes by an overall project name, file management would be easier.  I guess you would then somehow have to tag the files to mark them as part of a certain project?    

That would make sense. I don't know a whole lot about the back end of file tracking in IFTDSS, but maybe others with more background there will chime in. 

Good discussion and suggestion.  Right now the only ways to organize your files is through the folders that you create and they are only one layer deep (ie no folders within a folder) and as Josh mentions the filtering in the workspace.  There are some behind the scenes rules, especially with landscapes, that necessitate that landscapes that are derived from one another (in develop treatment alternatives) reside in the same folder.  I think the idea of tagging files in the workspace is a good one.  We have been cautious about how we use the term "project" as it has different implications for different users.

I think adding the ability to create sub folders help for organization and finding files. Even if you can't move landscapes maybe you can move model runs and reports? 

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