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Adding shapefiles to your map

When you upload a shapefile to your map, it'd be really cool (and efficient!) if the shapefile automatically showed up on your map, and zoomed into the shapefile location, rather than have to click the "Add to Map" button, and manually navigate to the shapefile location to view it.

This would be especially helpful right now, until you can save shapefiles from Map Studio, since you have to click the "Add to map" button as part of the saving shapefile work around. If you just upload your shapefile and move on, without adding it to the map first, it's gone, it won't show up on the map and you can't move to the next step of saving it for future use.

Great Suggestion Annie as currently you do definitely want to zoom to the uploaded files and use the Create/Edit Shapefiles icon or widget to make a Shapefile or Mark that you will be able to retrieve in future sessions.  

The automatic display and zoom for saved shapefiles is now built into the Add Shapefile widget.

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