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Renaming/Moving Files

Any plans to add the ability to rename AND/OR move files (shapefiles, landscapes, model runs, etc) around in your workspace? As you work through the fuels planning process, you need to work with many files. Inevitably, you could have typed a name incorrectly, your original naming convention may become inadequate as you accumulate files and outputs, or you could have accidentally saved a file into the wrong workspace. These names persist in the reports and so it would be great to not have to delete and start over again if the names are not quite right.

Hi Lauren,  The ability to rename files and/or move files are on the development list.  That said, we are still looking for feedback on how IFTDSS currently organizes and categorizes files in the Workspace as well as the naming conventions for comparison reports.  These things all go hand in hand to a certain extent.  Right now you can filter by file type in the Workspace (report, input, output, landscape, shape) but suggestions are welcome as we determine the best course forward to make file management and organization easy on the user.  For example, by default you currently are "locked" into a folder when you begin doing an analysis in the "Develop Treatment Alternatives" workflow once you begin editing landscapes.  This ends up being somewhat like a "project" folder.  We refrained from locking that concept down in other areas with the thought that certain landscapes and shapefiles for a local area might be used in multiple projects.  We would be interested in user feedback on this.  Thanks for the comment. 

I just wanted to give a thumbs on the ability to move or rename files within the workspace. Otherwise the current way things are organized seem to work very well. Certain landscapes could be used in multiple projects

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