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project sharing

Can a project/workspace be shared? Similar to the way many authors can access the same fire in WFDSS. 

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I forwarded this ticket here so the Development Team can weigh in. I know sharing of accounts is on the Team radar, but figured the group will have more details about it than I.

Thanks for posting Ashley - 

We have collaboration features and shared workspaces on our list for development, I can't give a good answer on when that will be implemented. We get this request fairly frequently so we know it is important to users. At best we likely won't be starting on this until the fall at the earliest since we have a few other priorities first - with a limited budget we have to pick and choose what we work on. The next "big thing", if you will, is building in a burn probability model (like RANDIG from FlamMap) so users can begin to develop risk assessments. We are also working on finishing up the development of FTEM (Fuels Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring before the start of this fire season. 



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