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Shapefile or polygon symbology editing

Hello team while working on a project using the program I have found that the ability to edit the feature symbology for polygons or the like cannot be done. When I brought in my project shapefiles it automatically shades the polygons with various colors. While there is the ability to transparency it would be improvement if the polygon can be shown with just the outline so the modeling runs can show up cleaner and more provide better illustration of the color ramp used. (See attachment)

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Hi Burt  - thanks for posting here so others can see your idea. 

We would like to add some options to change symbology (line color/fill color/line thickness etc) for polygons and other map layers as you suggest. It is definitely on our list of enhancements and we are hopeful we can get to that soon. 

As far as using the transparency to just show the outline of the polygon that is possible right now. You can slide the transparency slider all the way to 100% (meaning 100% transparent) and your layers underneath the polygon will show through. I have attached an example. Let us know if this is what you were referring to or if there is more to it. 




Any progress made on this?

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