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no user-supplied raster functionality

I have a fuel model raster layer that I generated for an NPS unit that I'd like to supply as the fuel model layer and then run IFTDSS. It doesn't look like I can do that though and run the landscape summary and fire behavior models. My fuel maps are based on a lot of post-fire fuels data. All I can see that IFTDSS can do is run the models with the landfire data, but there are a lot of differences in my dataset due to a recent wildfire. I see that I can change attributes of the fuel model layer class-by-class, but that's not what I want to do. There are a lot of different pixel by pixel changes since the fire. Doint this using the current landscape editing tools would take many iterations since not all pixels in a fuel model type changed to the same fuel model type in response to the widlfire, all of this depended both topography and fire severity, so using just the mtbs map as a filter doesn't work either. I can see several ways in which the ability of operators to enter user-supplied rasters could provide more realistic fire hazard and fire behavior outputs. For example, many managers have recent liDar data that could be used to supply better canopy base height and crown bulk density data than the canned LANDFIRE data. I already clipped my landscape to the same size as all of the raster grids I would supply, and they are al 30 m resolution grids, just like LANDFIRE. The raster values in the fule model grid also correspond to LANDFIRE raster values, so this functionalitiy would be a great improvement for real-world modeling of fire risk, etc.

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