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LANDFIRE Remap 2016

Anyone out there lobbying for the new 2016 LandFire data?  I just think that we should have access to the new LANDFIRE data for all of these great tools!  Is that a big lift?  It seems like that data is very much complete and fairly static once it is created.  I hope this is a priority somewhere!  IFTDSS is a great tool!

Hi Kirk - thanks so much for posting! Great Question. 

We are working with the LANDFIRE folks to get a timeframe for updating IFTDSS with the 2016 LF data. This is something we want to keep as current as we absolutely agree with you.  As soon as we have a better idea of when we will deploy I will post here to let you and anyone else know. 

This is the current Landfire Schedule of what is done and what is coming as far as LF releasing their data:


thanks again for asking - we will be in touch with more information soon!



Now that LANDFIRE has pushed the remap layers out, do you have an updated time frame on when we will have the option to use it here?

Hi Cambria,

 Thank you for posting this question! Keeping our information current is important - the Development Team has been discussing the LANDFIRE 2016 updates but has not yet established a timeline. As soon as more definite timeline is established we'll post on this thread to let you and others know the status.


  IFTDSS Support Team

Hello wanted to ask if there have been any updates to this status on LANDFIRE 2016?

Thanks for the inquiry,

We are in the process of acquiring the data for all zones where it is released.  We will probably have in released on PROD sometime by the end of January 2020.  


Hi, can we still expect the LANDFIRE 2016 products this month? Any updated timeline would be helpful. Thank you very much.

Hey Everyone

Wanted to let you all know that we are shooting for the release of the LANDFIRE 2016 data this week (january 29-31) - hoping for Wednesday, but may take til Friday... stay tuned and keep checking back after Wednesday.. if there is an unforseen delay we will post a message here. 




Hi All,

I just wanted to add a quick update on this topic. The Development Team has added LANDFIRE 2016 Remap landscapes in IFTDSS for the central and western US, more information can be found here: 

This topic is marked "In Progress" now, because there still more features to come:

  • Full coverage - As more LANDFIRE Geographic areas are completed, the Development Team will be adding them to IFTDSS.
  • More Editing Options - Currently Default Edit Rules have not been created for LANDFIRE 2016 Remap. When these a made available via LANDFIRE work will commence on adding them to IFTDSS. In the meantime, Users can edit 2016 data with User Created Edit Rules. 


IFTDSS Support Team

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