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Burn probability fire size distribution

One thing that would be useful for comparing treatment alternatives is a fire size distribution output. A histogram showing fire size breakdowns following the NWCG size classes and then being able to show how a treatment changes this would be useful. Shouldn't be a huge change because the text file of ignition sizes that FLAMMAP outputs. I haven't used RANDIG too much but I assume it's a byproduct there, too.

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Daniel, thanks for making the suggestion we will consider adding a chart to the Landscape Burn Probability (LBP) reports in IFTDSS to summarize the Fire Size List information.  

We do include the Fire Size List in the download for every LBP model output. This would enable you create the histogram today if you would like.  The Fire Size List help page has all the details for the included file.

Also, for your general information, LBP is essentially identical to FlamMap 6.0 running MTT with Random Ignitions.  We have made it so IFTDSS controls a few of the inputs, such as number of ignitions.  All of the details are in the Technical Documentation help page for the model.


Nicole Vaillant


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