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US National Grid

Another improvement would be the ability to add US National Grid (USNG) to map areas and final map products. It is very handy to have a gridded map for prescribed fire operations

Thanks for this input Rich! I moved this topic to our 'Ideas Exchange' forum, its likely to get more Developer eyes reading it here.

Agree.  Great suggestion Rich when we develop out the implementation portion of IFTDSS.  Curious what scale folks would consider appropriate 1 km or finer? or if the ability to choose between 100m and 1 km would be better?

I think it would be a good idea to choose between 1 KM and 100 M, which would cover most users needs. The users need would depend largely on the size of their projects. Some fuels projects may be pretty small while a strategic fire plan might cover tens of thousands of acres. 

Just a followup on US National Grid (USNG). USNG is the standard for FEMA and many search and rescue outfits. There is a need to be able to overlay maps we create in IFTDSS with a grid and USNG is the standard. Some folks use Township, Range and Section which has many limitations. Lat./Long has its own set of issues especially with three different versions. USNG allows us to have a "language of the landscape", something that is currently missing in fire operations.  I think that having USNG as an optional overlay in IFTDSS would be a great idea.  

Thanks again for the suggestion Rich and thanks for participating in our first IFTDSS webinar!  We do have US National Grid on our list of layers to add as reference data sets to IFTDSS in the near future.  

Thanks so very much. This is a big step forward.

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