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Uploading LCP layers to IFTDSS

Today we received the following question from an IFTDSS user:

"I would like to create a custom lcp from Vmap data.  I can create the lcp, I just need to upload it.  Is there a way to upload a different .lcp other than Landfire?"

Currently, IFTDSS only supports the use of Landfire layers generated within the application.

If you would to see a feature like this implemented in IFTDSS, this is the thread to post your support on, along with any other details or variations on this idea.

- Josh

IFTDSS Support Team

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I have updated landscape files for El Dorado County, CA that I would like to be able to use with burn probability modeling. 

Hi Paul

Thanks for posting!

We have not added the ability for users to upload a custom LCP to IFTDSS. We have had users ask about this feature and it is on our list for future development. 

IFTDSS does have a user friendly Landscape Editor however, depending on how complex your edits are you may be able to recreate some of them directly in the IFTDSS system. I know this isn't the answer you were hoping for, but is the best solution we have at this time. 

For reference here is the link to the Online Help related to editing landscape:

Also for Burn Probability Modeling purposes the landscape size limit is 3.5 million acres. 



Hi all - would just like to reiterate the need to upload our custom LCP.  Not only is LF notoriously slow for updates (yeah 2016!), but how it moderates conditions can also influence fire behavior models in all sorts of unrealistic ways.  See picture showing CBD distribution on what LF thought was a homogenous landscape: 



I've created a LCP file using LANDFIRE 2016 data using the stand alone FlamMap program. Is there any way to upload that to IFTDSS so I have the same files for both pre and post treatment? I'm going to use IFTDSS to create a new LCP file for post treatment conditions, but it needs to match the 2016 version because they are quite a bit different.

Hi Cambria,

 Currently there is not the ability to import LCP files into IFTDSS. The Development Team is engaging in planning discussions to introduce LANDFIRE 2016 data to IFTDSS, but a solid timeline has not been determined yet. I see you found and posted on the Landfire 2016 thread, that one will be the thread to watch. 

 For others following, the Landfire 2016 Forum Thread can be found at: 


 IFTDSS Support Team

Created a landscape file using 2016 Landfire data but get an error that the default edit tools are not available for my landscape but user define may still be used. Checked against 2014 Landfire data for the same area and it works fine. Any suggestion?

Hi Ed,

 Currently Landfire 2016 Remap landscapes can only be edited with User Created rules, Default rules are not yet supported. Landfire 2014 landscapes outside of Alaska will work with Default edits rules. If in doubt, we have a table of the editing availability for each landscape at the bottom of the Help Center page linked below: 


IFTDSS Support Team

Hi Ed,

In this case we are reliant on the LANDFIRE Team who provides the Default Rulesets for 2016 landscapes. Their Team priorities are finishing the rest of the GeoAreas for 2016 Remap. Once that is done and distributed we hope they will be able to work on the look up tables for the Default Rules, so we are a ways out probably next calendar year at earliest.


IFTDSS Support Team

I just wanted to give my support to having IFTDSS being able to import LCP files.  From the previous discussions I see that this capability in IFTDSS is in the works.

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